A Little Time to Myself

One of my hobbies, is what some people would consider a bit geeky, maybe a bit old lady. That’s alright because I embrace both geekiness and my pending old ladyness.

I like making cards. Greeting cards. Stuff for birthdays, christmas, holidays, thank you’s. Anything you could imagine needing a greeting card for I will make it. I’m not particularly good at it (well some people think I am, but if I compare myself to other card makers of the world I think I’m just okay).

Most of the cards I make involve some kind of rubber stamp, some fancy paper and some kind of marker. All three of those things have become a mild obsession for me. Its embarrassing to think about how many different stamps sets I have, the plethora of paper that I own and the amount of money I have spent on Copic markers. It’s all for a good cause though. The cause being my sanity.

Last summer we decided to do a quick little reno of our guest bedroom and i turned it into a nice little dedicated craft room for myself. Just for me (and the random guests we have stay over once a year). It’s a lovely bright inviting room. I have a gigantic desk that stores all my crafty wares, and best of all my kids are not allowed in the room unless I give the little suckers permission to be in there (most of the time they follow the rule).

I haven’t had much time in the last month or so to do any kind of crafting, but I had to get down to it. My youngest daughter had a birthday so I needed to make birthday party invitations, a birthday card and thank you cards for her party gifts.

Without further ado, these are the cards that I came up with. I think they are all pretty cute. The invite and thank you’s were super simple to make, and well I’ve become slightly obsessed with sewing cards recently so that is what happened with the kite one.

Birthday Invite

Birthday Thank You

Happy Birthday

This last card I made for a friend of my older Daughter. She chose the rainbow motif.


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